Bass baritone Jamie W. Hall is a versatile musician who occupies multiple roles on the concert platform. Foremost a soloist with a wide repertoire of oratorio and song, he is also an experienced consort and choral singer working with leading ensembles, including the BBC Singers, a choral director, coach, and chorus master, as well as a composer of published choral works which have been performed across the globe, recorded and broadcast on radio.

Since leaving the Nottinghamshire mining village where he grew up, Jamie has relished living in new places, meeting new people and facing new challenges. Even before completing his studies he was making a living as a singer and he found himself a full-time member of the BBC Singers just six years after his first ever singing lesson.

He now lives in Hampshire with his wife and two sons and, with what little time he can find around his many commitments, enjoys gardening (particularly vegetable growing), painting (he loves portrait art), running (never too far!), and playing the character of a grumpy northerner on far too many social media sites.

He has no idea where life might take him next, but he always enjoys a change, a challenge, a bit of pressure, a lot of fun and trying to keep up with friends.

He has a secret desire to star in a stage musical, to try out radio presenting and to be painted by a famous artist, or failing that, an obscure one!