“What was so impressive was… the exceptional level of nuance and performance detail he had instilled in the choir. Jamie has clearly brought to an amateur forum the level of working detail to which he is accustomed as a professional chamber choir singer, and to great effect.”

Marcus Pashley – Director of Music, Cranleigh School


Jamie’s strength as a choir trainer is in his first-hand experience as a professional singer and his ability to inspire and bring out the best in those he conducts.

He combines a relaxed and friendly approach to rehearsals with extraordinary attention to detail and expert advice on vocal production which is central to his music-making. He rejects the deeply ingrained idea that the first thing to do is get the notes right – he believes that music should be made from the moment we look at a new piece and that the notes will always come with time.

For more about Jamie’s methods, visit the Choral Coach page.

Positions held.

Along with his freelance conducting and educational work, Jamie has a permanent relationship with Romsey Choral Society with whom he has worked on a freelance basis since 2011, becoming their musical director in January 2014. During this time the choir has gone from strength to strength, collaborating with a number of excellent instrumental ensembles and with composers Howard Goodall and Paul van Gulick. They have shared a concert platform with the BBC Singers and have recently performed their first ever unaccompanied concert programme of contemporary repertoire in double-choir formation.

In September 2015 Jamie will begin working with the Allegri Singers.